A month of gaming


Gosh, has it really been this long? When 2012 started and this nugget of an idea settled in my head for Caution: Small Parts, I wasn’t sure exactly where it would go or take me with it. Unfortunately, just as we began to get something of a pace going the usual thing that occurs early on in every blog’s life happened here: real life.

I can’t talk for any other member of the crew, but I know that I’ve been unable to to push and act as the focal point any such thing needs to stay alive, vibrant and relevant. New jobs, domestic stress and all that.

But here we are, September, and I’m ready again. The job has settled down, the domestic stresses are still there but manageable (seriously, parenthood is hard…) and I’m trying to address some of the areas I’ve neglected. Boardgaming being one of the main culprits.

How to do this though, and how to do it in a way that involves kickstarting this blog again, is a conundrum. It’s not like I’ve stopped buying games – exclude such ridiculous thoughts from your minds – as the collection has continued to grow unchecked. Descent to Doom, Flashpoint to Fortune & Glory, Last Night On Earth to Red November. Silly levels, especially considering they’re not getting played.

So, here we are. Play more games. Write about them. A simple equation that solves two riddles in one go.

The promise – September: a month of games. Every day I shall do something related to tabletop gaming. Every day I shall indulge in this hobby and this shall fuel a multitude of updates to the site, establishing a rhythm that will stick.

I will cheat a tad. iOS and XBLA versions of our favourites are admissible, as are gamebooks and their electronic brethren. By expanding the number of topics available to me, I broaden the number of things I can talk to you about.
Simple. See you soon.

Author: Padlock

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