About us

We’re socially adjusted nerds; videogamers, consumers of geekery, tabletop games players each and every one of us. Some of us are new to the fold, some returning to it and others old timers, wise beyond their years. We have all have a number of things in common – a passion for these boxes of joy, a desire to tell you more about them and moderate levels of OCD in relation to punching pieces and bagging them up.

Caution: Small Parts aims to be a fun, interesting and engaging place for you to read about the past time. We’ll focus on the experience of playing a game, why we’re interested in the news we’re posting and, most of all, making it all accessible. We don’t want to be the site to be covered in stats, game mechanics and nerdery. There’s plenty of that about, plenty of barriers stopping those new to the fold joining us.

In no particular order, the core contributors to Caution: Small Parts are:

Steve Robinson
A veritable fluffy bunny of a man, he’ll play pretty much anything and really enjoys the ones that involve mainly cards. Even Top Trumps. Steve is every game designers wet dream: get some decent art work and a modicum of good will towards your latest release and he’s almost guaranteed to buy a copy.

Ben Coleman
He paints better than the rest of us and likes anything that has “dungeon” in the title or involves crawling through one. And in the games! Ben once spent a lot of time analysing the results of the application of different varnishes to his miniature collection yet still judges hipsters and ‘hardcore’ nerds as lesser human beings.

Pete Davison
Fulfilling the requirement that at least one member of any nerd team should have an alias that references Star Wars, Pete is also a seasoned Warhammer Quest veteran who managed to nobble a copy cheaper than anyone else. We forgave him, but he always has to buy the tea bags now.

AK Bell
An enigma, a phantom, possibly a fiction of our collective imaginations, ‘AK’ is one who attends local board game meetings. He mixes with them and can often be found sitting under a shower, holding his knees, rocking gently backwards and forwards.

Pele Kophoros
Pele did the same as every other sensible 16 year olf in 1993 and sold Space Hulk (plus expansions) to fund a new found love of drinking beer and kissing girls. Like every sensible married 34 year old father in 2012 beer now gives him gas and kissing girls results in little more than a patronising smile, and he really regrets selling up.

Neil Brooks
Founder of GamerDork and multimedia whizz Neil is probably the one whose face you will see first as he aggressively pursues his dream of becoming a Gadget Show presenter. With a calendar that involves regularly trying out new games, he’ll have lots to share with you about the experiences of a man freshly immersed in the hobby.

Yann Best
With his special carry cases full of 1 billion point armies, paints and rulebooks, Yann is a true wargamer at heart. Often found at tournaments, he regularly beats 12 and even 13 year olds with less pocket than him into submission through the clever positioning of little fantasy army men on a little fantasy army field.