Board Game Clubbing: Introduction

Looking for like-minded individuals? Want to try new games without breaking the bank? Want to make up the numbers for that huge 6 player game on your shelf? Then why not join a local board gaming club like wot I did…

Playing tabletop games is (usually) a social thing that demands you get other people around the table and have a good time. As much as we are quite happy buying lots of boxes of pretty little things to make for an impressive shelf and trying to con our nearest and dearest to play games…playing games against people who are into it is a revelation.

I’ll put my hands up to the fact that finding tabletop clubs isn’t such an easy task. It might be dependent upon how benevolent Google – Master Of All is today. The next best thing to try is to find a store that sells a good selection of specialist board games as they are bound to have a notice board up listing clubs.

Youse should read Rab Florence’s column in RPS where he discusses how we should all meet up more. There hasn’t been much follow through of his big dreams since, but it’s worth going through the many comments after detailing reader’s clubs.

If all else fails …open up you own gaming circle of friends to randoms (*cough* in a public place that is well lit *cough*). It’s really worth the effort. You’ll discover a fantastic way of opening up the world of tabletop gaming much further that you thought possible.

Not wanting to give too much away of myself but needing to for the purpose of this article; I go to a game club most Thursday nights in Leamington Spa. 8.00pm at Stable Bar at Newbold Comyn Arms. It costs me all of 50p of shrapnel that once multiplied by a dozen people on average gives us a big collection of club games that are loaned out (but free for new people, of course!).

If you’re not sold yet …I can’t blame you. It’s scary meeting new people. Some of you may even be a bit snobby and fear that the people at the club will mirror what you have become. You might be concerned that you’ll find it hard to break into the dynamic of the group.

Just do it. What’s the worst that will happen? They’re not going to attack you or make you catch nerd (we don’t have the speed or upper-body strength). You’ll go there to play games in a social setting and have a jolly good time. You’re in a safe place. A place of fun. Even if they do end up being a little weird like me (or you!)

Rather than write proper reviews I’m going to try and write up my experiences of the games I play each week at the board game club I attend…as long as I consider it interesting. I usually try and play something new but if I end up playing Small World a few times too often I’ll just make the one post and think of something else to write the next week, yeah?

This week I played Flash Point: Fire Rescue. I’ll tell you all about it in a wee while after a little rest (but post it tomorrow, so I say tell you but that’s me pretending I’m talking directly to you, dear reader). Sorry, I just want to read what Rab’s game of the year was and have my dinner.

So you don’t mind me having a little rest? Good. Thanks. You’re a star.


AK Bell –  Twitter: @AK_Bell – Google+: AK Bell

(all a bit sparse, I’ve just set up everything. Pen name? Are you suggesting I’m not real?)

Author: AK Bell

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  1. Definately a scary prospect, but for the sake of actually getting a game its the best thing you can do. I was put off originally due to a bad experience a good few years back. I was in the usual spot of wanting to have some games of 40k but not knowing anyone who played it, so I went along to the local GW after hours for a game.

    The evening consisted of everyone playing BFG and being ignored. Incredibly frosty. Went the the week after, same thing. So jibbed it in.

    Sometime last year I decided to have another go, but this time with Warmachine. Went along to a local group that plays 40K, FoW, Magic and Warmachine. Complete polar opposite. Everyone was incredibly friendly and enthusiastic to have a game with someone new, or teach me the rules. Before i’d realised it I was playing a game with a borrowed rule book, and a mostly borrowed army against an opponent who just didn’t want to pummel me. Its not fun for either of us to see a grown man cry.

    I’ve been going every week since.

  2. I don’t know if that could just be an issue with Games Workshop stores? I think the main thing that puts me off getting involved with any of that is that for a store that wants you to come in and have a go …it’s bloody intimidating!

    I’ve also heard from other people considering dipping their toe in that the staff weren’t as helpful as if you were one of the people guaranteed to be pumping money in for EVERYTHING!!!

    It just seems to odd considering that to be helpful and welcoming is meant to be the point of the store as there are plenty of other shops selling the stuff with active communities.

  3. To be fair, you *might* catch nerd.

  4. Nerds are weak. Only the weak will be caught. That stops the infection from spreading too far.

  5. Arceltis like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

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  9. Shoot, so that’s that one supposes.

  10. Ja – seks uger er helt i orden – men som du siger 9 uger er uendeligt!!.. Men nu er det helt okay at de store i hvert fald har en uge til – forklaring følger i morgen!!!

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