LoB – Diceman Cometh

I popped along to London On Board this week, as I wanted to try out at least one of my new games. It turned out to be a theme night with a loose theme of “dice”, so the idea was to bring along games which feature dice heavily.

Now let me think what game do I have which features dice? hmmmm Quarriors! That’s only got 130 dice, but I reckon that’s enough for a dice themed night 😉

First up I played a little eruo game called Biblios. It’s a very simple card game based on collecting sets of cards. You draw a card and decide to keep it, give it to an opponent or put in in the auction pile. Once you’re out of cards there’s an auction phase where you bid gold and/or cards from your hand for cards in the auction pile. You’re trying to get the most of 5 different resource types, which are worth a varying number of points (you can mod this value up & down through the course of the game). I lost spectacularly. It’s not the deepest game in the world but only took about 20 mins to play, and was very elegant. It had nice artwork and I love how the box is styled to look like an old book. A great “filler” to start the evening.

Then we had a great four player game of Quarriors! with 3 people that had never played it before. We had some pretty interesting turns with everyone bringing out Ooze’s which change power based on the total number of creatures in play. This led to the little translucent green cubes dominating the game, but in a good way. By the end of the game the usual gushing praise was coming forth “this is really cool!”, “how much is it?”, “I like how it’s random but you don’t feel cheated by it”. Excellent as ever.

Then onto Dungeon Run, the new lightweight dungeon crawler from Plaid Hat Games, set in the same setting as Summoner Wars.

This was a pleasant surprise, as I didn’t have high expectations after I tried it solo and found it rather poor. However it’s a totally different beast with 4 players. It was simple enough for everyone to grasp really quickly, and it felt quite fluid. There was a nice balance of silliness, without descending into farce or parody like say Munchkin. I mean it’s certainly not the fairest or deepest game in the world, it’s very random, not quite as bad as say Talisman but you are at the mercy of the dice. Despite it not being a mega detailed epic dungeon crawl style game, such as Descent, we sadly run out of time. We tried having a stab at fighting the dungeon boss, which turned into a ridiculous seventeen D6 beat down, we called it a night before we got a winner. I’d really like to get the chance to play a full game of it again soon

Author: Ben Coleman

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