Mage Wars

Red hot wizard on wizard action seems to be the in thing at the moment!

We’ve had  Epic Spell Wars, the re-release of Wiz War and now Mage Wars has popped onto my radar. I’ll be the first admit the name is terrible, I thought it was some old TSR/Avalon Hill thing from the 80s, but no it’s coming out in 2012

The premise is simple – it’s mages of different schools of magic against each other in a fight to the death, e.g. a Priestess against a Warlock, or a Wizard vs a Beastmaster. The art work is very nice, up there with WotC’s high standards for Magic.

Why this has caught my eye is, it looks very much like a boardgame version of the old ZX Spectrum classic – Chaos which seems like such an obvious idea for a boardgame but as far as I know it’s not been done before. Your mage fights arena style, summoning beasts and creatures to his side in order to take down the other wizard. If it’s sounding a bit too Magic: The Gathering, the difference here is you and your creations are on the board, moving round and attacking so it’s more tactical than the slightly abstract battles of MtG.

It remains to be seen what the final game is like, but it’s one I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Author: Ben Coleman

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