Memoirs of a Quarrior

I’m not dead! Yay! I played some games! Double yay!

I’ll try and keep this short and to the point, as one of the reasons for the dearth of posts here lately is a lack of time, and an increasing tenancy to write longer & longer posts.

Memoir ’44

Picked this up second hand and cheap on a total whim while at Salute earlier in the year. I’m not a big fan of historical games or WWII stuff but I liked the little hex titles (I’ve long been a sucker for them since the old GW game, Mighty Empires) and had generally heard good things about the game.

It’s a two player game, with players re-playing various battles from WWII, with lots of little plastic soldiers, tanks and artillery guns. The board is hex based, doubled sided, and comes with lots of terrain tokens; rivers, forests, towns, etc. allowing you to create a huge range of maps. The mechanics are very simple, with some super easy to remember rules for movement and combat.

It’s quick to play, esp. when you get into the flow of it, aside from the set-up which can be a bit of a fiddle. Unlike Yann I sort of liked the frustration of not being able to command exactly the units you wanted all the time. Sure it’s random but I didn’t really mind, it’s not a detailed simulation (thank god!) it’s a lightweight war game, for people that normally hate war-games.

We played the first scenario in the book; Pegasus Bridge, in which I (the Allies) was attempting to take and hold two bridges. I won, but at the end we realised we missed the part about the Germans getting more command cards as the battle progressed, so poor Rob struggled through the whole thing with just 2 command cards! So it’s no surprise I won.

The allies advance on the dug in Germans in an attempt to take the bridge

The brutal, plasticy reality of war


Next up was Sword Beach, This involved tanks, bunkers and artillery, and erm, a beach, but oddly no swords. This was a more balanced battle, but I could see from the start I was going to struggle. Despite some valiant efforts, and jammy dice rolls, Rob (as the Allies this time) made some good advances and slowly whittled my squads down and took the two towns for victory!

Come at me bro

Rob as usual providing excellent hand modeling work

I really enjoyed Memoir ’44. I think it’s simplistic re-working of the normally fussy and ponderous tactical war-game genre is a great idea. It’s simplicity is a strength, as the base game is just the core of a vast collection of expansions and extra scenarios, each building on the core system. Days Of Wonder have done a good job. I’d definitely recommend  it and advise people that normally ignore WWII type games to give it a chance.

Quarriors – Quarmageddon

Quarmageddon is the second expansion for Quarriors. After the disappointing Rise Of The Demons I was a bit apprehensive. Then I heard it was going to feature a proper storage solution, then I saw the pictures on BGG and was instantly sold. I mean how could you resist this?…

Colours! The pretty colours!

There’s room for the base set + Rise Of The Demons and of course the new Quarmageddon dice too. It’s a great system and much better than the big cube tin, albeit less cute. There’s a new rule book which is just an re-jigged and clarified version of the original, plus a couple of new optional “advanced” rules. The new rules are here if you want to look

We played with all 6 of the new Quarmageddon creatures and the 2 new spells, plus a couple from the base set to make up the numbers. It’s definitely a lot better than Rise Of the Demons, some of the creatures abilities seemed a bit narrow but they still added a good amount of variety to the game without being too confusing or overburdened with new mechanics. I liked the spell that let me draw and roll an extra dice for each creature summoned, combined with the new cheap 2 point Imps, I got quite a combo happening one turn.

We also tried out the new playmats, these are included on the back of the new rulebook to photocopy (lol remember that?). Instead I downloaded them from WizKidz website where they are available in PDF form, and printed onto some glossy photo-paper. They are OK but don’t really add much to the game. However they’ll probably be invaluable next time I’m teaching a new player to play

New dice and playmats

This is a good expansion to a great game, if you enjoy Quarriors (and if you don’t you’re probably dead inside) then I’d recommend you pick up Quarmageddon

Bollocks, that was far longer than I intended, oh well!

Author: Ben Coleman

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