Lost Reich print & play released + launch offer

Fat Dragon Games, makers of print & play scenery, have just released their first wargame – Lost Reich.  I’ve bought some of their scenery packs before, as the simpler pieces go together quickly and allow you to build attractive battlefields in no time (assuming you’ve got a printer).  Of course, looking at the models this looks like a much more complicated cardboard build and I’m always terrified of paper cuts, although at least there’s less chance of me stabbing myself in the thumb with a pinning drill…

They’re offering a 25% discount for the first day on sale, followed by a 20% for a few days after so it shouldn’t set you back much over a fiver.  Giant mechs are always a fun sight on the battlefield, and this is probably the cheapest way to get started with that kind of thing (before you end up falling into the money pit of playing Heavy Gear).

Note – this is pretty much stolen from their press release, but it saves me having to rephrase it:

Greetings from the FDG crew! We have just released out first wargame. LOST REICH is a downloadable PDF game set in an alternate history, where the Germans fled to Antarctica at the end of WWII and secretly began rebuilding their armies, patiently waiting for the day their Reich would rise again. Taking place in the near future, armies of Allied and Axis walking mechs battle for territory and resources across the world. This starter set includes two complete 15mm mech armies, Allied and Axis, plus 3D terrain, 2D tiles, all necessary game accessories (except 6-sided dice) and a color rulebook. As always, we are sending you a discount link for this great new game, and there are two ways to save. If you purchase in the next 24 hours, you can get it at 25% off! After that, there is a 20% discount good for a few more days. Hurry and save!

25% discount / 20% discount

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