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It’s January! Which means a continuing deluge of sales that started in the previous year. Tabletop gaming is no different with some great offers coming through to tempt your already empty and strained wallets. Here’s just some of the offers in the UK right now – click through to the respective sites to see their full ranges.

OG Games have a range of card and board games for sale, along with a small range of Vallejo paints at 30% off. Highlights include:

Prince August are having a 50% off sale on their Chronopia and Warzone ranges, making them very cheap and very viable alternatives to to the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K ranges. It’d be a cheap way to play at home and get back into painting if nothing else. Hurry though, the offer ends this week!

Dark Sphere are also having a decent sale (made even better if you’re London based and can collect, thus saving on postage). They’ve got a grand assortment of mixed language Warhammer books at around 25% off, and other highlights include:

  • Gears Of War: The Boardgame for £39.99 (usually £54.99)
  • Quarriors for £29.99 (usually £39.99)
  • Warpath Starter Set for £30 (usually £49.99)
  • Dreadfleet for £50 (usually £70)

Phew! There should be more than enough there for you to spend your pocket money for the time being.


Author: Padlock

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  1. The games are popping up on sale tend to be the same ones. Makes you wonder how well everyone was expecting Elder Sign or Blood Bowl Team Manager to do compared to how well they did.

    Really glad I didn’t take a chance on Dreadfleet. Everyone was all like “Oh, if you don’t like it you’re bound to make your money back or even more like with the Space Hulk re-release.” Nope. I don’t think I would have.

  2. I’ll do a longer post on the general subject, but I think with Elder Sign they made a real mistake releasing the mobile version so close to launch of the game itself. It certainly put me right off, even now it’s at impulse purchase levels. Similarly, Team Manager may very well be an interesting card game but I’m not sure that’s the direction old, abandoned GW miniature lines should take. Was Death Angel a success? I know the feeling of playing it is pretty pants compared to Space Hulk proper.

    I think the point raised on Rllmuk was a good one, in that while Dreadfleet was a great big interesting game it wasn’t a reprint of a treasured or nostalgic property like Space Hulk was. I’ve no knowledge or affinity of Man O’ War but we can be pretty certain that the people who did would probably have loved a reprint of that.

  3. Looking at what’s coming out next year, it looks like that lesson is learned as there are an awful lot of reprints coming out.

    It’s a shame really. I come to board gaming to discover new and interesting things that don’t seem to be controlled by the marketing men, much as video games sadly are now, but board games are learning from it that franchise and brand awareness is all.

    Dreadfleet isn’t my cup of tea. It wasn’t going to get new people in to Games Workshop, but name or no name I don’t know of many GW fans that don’t like handing over their money for something nice. And Dreadfleet looked very nice indeed.

    Enough doom and gloom though …there are still plenty of new, quite mental ideas on the horizon too from those who know that a career in tabletop gaming can never be a full-time job for them.

  4. Absolutely – I think the relatively recent resurgence in popularity (in the English speaking world at least) is fuelling it – with the various late 80’s early 90’s hits out of print and nostalgia pushing people back it’s an obvious first step.

    Looking at the SU&SD 2012 list I was struck by how interesting a lot of them looked, but then outside of GW stuff I was never a big consumer so it would be.

    I can easily see me picking up at least 1 game a month this year, older and new.

  5. Damn I’ve wanted Munchkin Quest for ages. But the site seems to have died :(

  6. Its working here Ben, gogogo!

  7. Ahh bugger it’s just an expansion for Munchkin Quest, not the full thing. I need to be good

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  10. Hooray for weekly posting! My girls and I laughed at how silly Kip is! They are counting down till “Silver Bell” comes back this December, too. Great post, thanks!

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