Settlers of Catan ….IN STAR TREK!

I’ve not played any form of Catan yet, except the tutorial on the iOS and watching other people play. I think it looks a bit dry. Like a not so bad Monopoly.

…but I am a Trekkie. None of this Trekker rubbish. Trekkers are people who dress up and take it far too seriously and feel they need a more sensible name for balance. Trekkies are just big fans who aren’t so wrapped up in it that they don’t realise the size of the faux par they’ve made in calling themselves that.

It sounds like Star Trek Catan is mostly a reskin of Settlers of Catan. “Have you got Dilithium?” won’t be as funny as wood, but Trekkers aren’t known for their sense of humour. The only difference is the introduction of character cards of characters from the Original Series. Each card has two special powers that affect how the game plays.

Is that going to be enough to tempt me to get a game I previously had no interest in?

My copy of Star Trek : Fleet Captains says no.

My Starship Enterprise bottle opener and it’s frequency of use says yes.

A tad more info can be found at this link where I found out the news. 

Author: AK Bell

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  10. Je confirme le dynamisme !!!Pour exemple : J’ai notifié un bug il y a quelques semaines au support, identification du pb chez eux et retour du support pour une prise en compte du correctif dans la prochaine version fin octobre.Effectivement, en rentrant ce soir, Box mise à jour automatiquement et … plus de bug …Le rêve

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