The Painting Of Linda

I’d like to introduce you to Linda.

Linda isn’t very popular, she’s encrusted in filth and unspeakable foulness, her stench tends to make people uncontrollably retch. She has some terrible manners and eating habits, so making friends is very hard for her. Linda is sad. I should also mention Linda is about 20 foot tall, has a gaping maw lined with teeth, three legs, three tentacles, oh and no arms or eyes

Linda is an Otyugh (which incidentally no one has a clue how to pronounce, yet another thing that makes Linda unhappy). Let me take quote from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Vault on the subject:

“Otyughs snuggle into squishy nests of decaying matter, which provide excellent camouflage for their mottled flanks. Heaps of moldering plants, piles of maggot-ridden bodies, pools of unidentifiable slime, and pits brimming with excrement are favored nesting sites. An otyugh can survive for some time on the gruesome gruel a well-steeped domicile provides”

It’s fair to say, Otyugh’s have something of a PR problem.

Thankfully Linda is only a plastic model, about 3 inches high from the Wrath of Ashardalon (WoA) board game, and I’ve just finished painting her/him/it. It’s been quite a while since I did any painting, but I now really want to get all the miniatures from WoA finished. I’ve been working on them on & off for best part of a year (yes that long!). I’m on the final few now, which Linda was one of.

Give a big kiss to grandma

Oral hygiene is never high on an Otyugh's todo list

Painting ooze, puss, filth, etc, is quite fun

I’m pretty happy with the end result, she looks suitably rancid & horrific. I used a base coat of ‘Tallarn Flesh’ from the Citadel Foundation paints range as they have such great coverage. Washed with lots of watered down green ink, then dry brushed with the ‘Tallarn Flesh’ and then good old pale green ‘Rotting Flesh’. The warts and buboes picked out in purple, along with the tongue and ends of her tentacles for some contrast and colour. I had a minor flash of inspiration and decided to add patches of brown filth/slime/pus/ooze in a few places and over the bottom of the legs, so using the old Citadel ‘Flesh Wash’ ink I daubed away. Built it up over a few layers, and this seemed to really bring the model to life.

Along with Linda I’ve also painted three Legion Devils from Wrath of Ashardalon. These have sat half painted on my painting table for months, taunting me in their partially finished state. “I must sit down and finish them” went through my head on a near weekly basis. In the end I sort of rushed them, partly out of boredom and partly due to the rubbish sculpts. The fine detail on them was missing (things like eyes and mouth, which are kinda important) the hand/gloves blended into the hilt of the sword, etc. This problem is endemic with the Wizards of The Coast plastic miniatures, so I’m starting to get used to it. As a result I went for a ‘make the best of it’ style of paint job rather than waste a lot of time trying to get it all perfect. I figure they look good enough (certainly OK from a distance!) but they are far from my best. I do like the black/red/orange/bronze thing, it’s a strong colour combo I should use again.

Demonic chorus line

Give us a quick twirl ladies

Put you left arm out, put your tails and horns in

Author: Ben Coleman

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  1. Those look absolutely amazing, man. The minis from my copy of Descent are absolutely crying out for a paint job but I have neither the time, skill nor money to do them a justice.

    Fair play to you for investing the time that you have into bringing your Wrath of Ashardalon figures to life. They look awesome.

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