What the Essen hell to do?

I have a dream. I dream that in October I’ll walk into the halls of the Essen Internationalen Spieltage with an enthusiastic wife and wide eyed son in tow, their gasps of amazement giving way to squeels of delight as they see untold treasures before them. I dream that we’ll sit down at table after table trying game after game, my wife loudly proclaiming “This one! Buy this one!” and my son telling me I’m the best Daddy ever. I dream that we’ll leave for further adventures in a short Germanic roadtrip complete with suitcases full of wonderful, gorgeous, elegant games both pre-ordered and bought on spec.

I also have a reality check mechanism. This mechanism tells me many things. It tells me that when I initially mentioned Essen to my wife I had no expectations of her coming and had some vague notion of a geek trip in mind – either solo or with like minded nerds. It tells me that I had contemplated 2 or 3 days in the conference, not the single one my family would manage, to benefit both this wonderful blog and my need for unbridled nerdgasms. It tells me that taking a 4 year old and a moderately interested wife to a crammed conference centre full of geeks is a bad idea.

The optimistic dream is winning out against the pessimistic mechanism. It’s a weird one that I can’t quite resolve in my own mind. Research (the act) and Michael (the person) from the Little Metal Dog Show tells me a single day, Sunday, should be quieter, cheaper and enough for the 3 of us to endure. But what if?

What if my wife hates it? What if I feel rushed? What if the drive there proves traumatic? What if my son throws a dicky fit and tips over a table? What the hell if any of that happens?

The flipside: my son will be 4 ½ years old. He’s already moderately obsessed with board games (it’ll be great when he can move stuff on squares properly). There’s a Lego hall. My wife is getting there. She’s only a once a week kind of gal (fnar fnar), but she loves Ticker To Ride Europe, enjoyed Pandemic, is trying other things. It’s slowly winning her over.

I think it’ll be a good bet. I’m going to get it booked. We’re gonna go. It’s going to be magic and spectacular and everything I dreamed of and my family will love me forever.

Author: Padlock

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  1. Just work on the indoctrination from now until October and you’ll be fine 😉 Which is something I think I need try on my (German-speaking) girlfriend, as I’d like to go some day, but would be much happier to do were I accompanied by someone who could, well, talk to locals and read road signs.

    Full marks for the title pun, by the way.

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